an egg for a chicken is the 1st episode of angry birds movie:toons in this episode matilda is kidknapped to try and get the birds to give up there eggs.


the episode begins with the birds having a meeting. red,the leader of the birds reads the flock a note left by the pigs stating that they kidknapped matilda,and wont give her up until the birds hand over there eggs..agrivated.chuck and bomb step up and agree to trek to the pigs kingdom to rescue matilda.meanwhile at the pigs castle,chef pig and ross are trying to get matilda to lay a egg,but she isnt giving in. they turn to see that red chuck and bomb have arrived on the scene they unleash there battle cry .and there fury on the pigs,the screen falls black,the pigs can be heard trying to escape muttering phrases like "pick up your feet"

"HEY THAT DOSNT GO THERE".the pigs can be seen laying on their side moaning in pain.the trio now joined by matilda head back to the flocks fort.the episode ends with the narrator stating to see what happens next on angry birds movie toons followed by a hummed bit of the angry birds theme.

quick facts

.hal is seen in this episode but he dosnt have any lines.

.all the characters are voiced by 808natee.

.hal,matilda,terrence,and chef pig are actually made from modeling clay.while red,chuck,bomb,and ross.are spinmaster angry birds collectible figures