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  • BC Birds
  • Ancient Egyptian birds and pigs
  • Birds and pigs in ancient China
  • Medieval birds n' pigs
  • Pirate Piggies
  • Porkius of Rome

Angry Birds Ages takes place with the Angry Bird's ancestors in different time periods, from Birdosaurs to Pirate Pigs. Witness the age-old battle!


  • BC Birds
  • Porkius of Rome
  • Pig Pyramids
  • Ancient China Smash

    The Levels

  • Sling King
  • Pirate Piggies


The birds got totally new sprites and sounds for the new levels. The pigs got some new sprites (The King Pig and mushtache pig did in every level) but some of them are the normal pigs with accessories. (It should be noted that the bird/pigs sprites above are not nessecarily all of them, or the most recent versions.)

Mighty EagleEdit

The Mighty Eagle has new sprites, and in BC Birds and Porkius of Rome, is replaced by the Mighty Meteor and the Mighty Hyrda.