Angry Birds Presents: Adventure [Short as Angry Birds Adventure] is an app that includes the same settings then Angry Birds Classic and Seasons [Rio and Space as well also Angry Birds 2] The difference is it has a better graphic setting like Angry Birds 2.

About/Storyline Edit

Once again the pigs stole those eggs and the birds have to stop them again. Explore 4 different worlds and get those eggs back. That's not all some birds have been captured from the pigs so also save them while your saving the eggs. Get ready since an all new adventures awaits for you!

Birds Edit

Red Edit

The Blues Edit

Chuck Edit

Bomb Edit

Matilda Edit

Hal [Captured or get the Telepod] Edit

Terrance [Captured] Edit

Bubbles [Captured] Edit

Stella [Unlock with Telepods] Edit

Pigs Edit

Small Minion Pig Edit

Minion Pig

Corporal Pig

Forman Pig

Chef Pig

King Pig

Updates Edit

The game is new but will contain an update with 2 new worlds that also can help you unlock a new power for Bubbles and Hal.