Angry Birds Puss In Boots is an Angry Birds game in which The Flock unexpectedly meet Puss in Boots.

In total, there are 13 level packs, each with 10 levels. There are 130 levels altogether.



Birds are the same as Classic, Seasons and Rio.

Bird First Level Appearance
Red Level 1
The Blues Level 6
Chuck Level 11
Matilda Level 21
Bomb Level 34
Terence Level 61
Hal Level 71
Bubbles Level 86
Stella Level 106


  • This game does not support TelePods, unlike Angry Birds Star Wars II and Angry Birds Go!.
  • It is impossible for one NOT to get three stars on Level 21. The target score for three stars is 18,000. There are four pigs on the level. Each pig is worth 5,000. The total is 20,000 for all four, and that exceeds 18,000. Same for 27 and 36.