Angry Birds Space 2 is a new game and the sequel to Angry Birds Space.


Bird Original Bird Power
Super Red Bird Red None, but deals more damage than his original version
Lightning Bird The Blues Splits into 3
Firebomb Bomb Explodes
Lazer Bird Chuck Locks a target
Icy Ice Bird Freezes Pigs
Ultimate Terence Terence Smash any block (Including stone)
Atomic Bird Bubbles Inflates
Super Matilda Matilda Drops an exploding eggsteroid
Gravitational Hal Hal Acts like a boomerang
Inter-Stella Stella Traps objects in bubbles
Space Eagle Mighty Eagle Is summoned by sardines, and smashes every pig and structure
Teal Rockets The Teals Splits into 9

Pigs Edit

Pig Original Pig Power (Limited time)
Space King Pig King Pig Floats in baloons
Space Minions Minion Pig None
Space Foreman Pig Mustache Pig None
Space Corporal Pig Helmet Pig Use his helmet as a shield