Angry Birds Space 3 is the third sequel of Angry Birds Space, Previous: Click here

Birds Edit

Name Power Original character
Super Red Bird Same as Podracer Anakin Skywalker (Angry Birds Star Wars 2) Red
Lazer Bird Speed up and locks target Chuck
Powerbomb Explodes fire Bomb
Monster Bird Smash any material, even stone Terence
Lightning Birds Split into three and launch a lightning in structures The Blues
Atom Bird Inflate and stretch his coat Bubbles
Ice Bird Explodes and freezes some pigs and blocks
Eggsteroid Dropper Bird Drops an eggsteroid bomb Matilda
Pink Ice Bubble Bird Blows pink ice bubbles in blocks and pigs Stella
Mecha Bird Boomerangs back Hal
White C3PO Same as C3PO (Angry Birds Star Wars) C3Pyolk
Silver R2D2 Same as R2D2 (Angry Birds Star Wars) R2egg2
Space Egg Ceates a black hole which attract pigs and blocks Egg
Super Ruby Bird Launch beams at pigs Ruby

Pigs Edit

Minion Pig

Helmet Pig

Corporal pig (Like the new toons corporal pig design)

Mustache Pig

Fat Pig

Bosses Edit



King Pig

Mighty Creatures Edit

Space Eagle

Space Dragon