Angry Birds Star Wars III is a better version of the real game of the same name

Story Edit

The rebel birds defeated the pigs once again. then they discovered there are a new pig, Kylo Ren Pig. he joined the pigs and the birds met new birds, BB-8 Egg, Clone Trooper Bird R4-P17 Bird. the birds and pigs battled and birds win. the birds go to Millennium Falcon. The Clone Troopers who wear fake beaks was defeated, so Jango Fett created stronger clone troopers. Birds and Clone Troopers started to battle, but Clone Troopers joined the Birds. Jango Fett went angry when he discovered it and battled the birds. the birds won.

Characters Edit

Bird Side Edit

Name Ability Portrayed by:
Luke Skywalker Screams prior to level 4. Uses blue Jedi lightsaber thrice Red
Han Solo Shoots three bullets to where targeted Chuck
R2-D2 Eletrocutes nearby pigs Hal
C-3PO Breaks into 6 body parts Droid Matilda
Chewbacca Strength, Momentum, Earthquake, and Shaking himself Terence
Obi-Wan Kenobi Pushes nearby objects and pigs using the force Bomb
Princess Leia Attracts objects/enemies using a tractor beam Stella
Lando Calrissian Shoots 3 bullets by angle Bubbles
Qui-Gon Jinn Uses green lightsaber Matilda (Male)
Anakin Skywalker Swings blue lightsaber Pig
Kit Fisto Spins Lightsaber New bird
BB-8 Eletrocutes nearby pigs twice Space Egg
Hera Syndulla Place a blaster cannon on a targeted area to shoot visible enemies Willow (Colored green)
Clone Trooper Split into three and slightly speeds up Pig
Ezra Bridger Uses a laser beam that only deflects on metal Red
Kanan Jarrus Flies with super speed to the area tapped Chuck
Sabine Wren Places 3 sticky bombs on any surface she hits Stella (Colored yellow)
C1-10P Burns the objects under him Hal
Yoda Spins and bounces with green lightsaber New bird
Mace Windu Throws Violet Boomerang Lightsaber Bomb (Colored brown)
Jedi Younglings Splits into three The Blues
Captain Panaka Shoots two groups of three blaster bolts Chuck (And Bomb)
Wicket the Ewok Splits into nine The Blues
Jar Jar Binks Holds and spins on to objects with his tounge New bird
Gazareb Orrelios Strength and Momentum with Great Explosion Bomb (And Terence)
Carbonite Han Solo Freeze everything he touches Chuck
Anakin Skywalker Podracer Flies podracer straight which explodes on contact Pig
Princess Leia Boushh Lances a therminal detonator Stella
Silver C-3PO Same as C-3PO, but can break everything except iron in one hit, and range has been made farther Droid Matilda
Luke Skywalker Endor Gear Using green Jedi lightsaber twice Red
Rebel Pilots Shoots two lasers at once The Blues
Anakin Skywalker Jedi Padawan Swings blue lightsaber  Pig
Padmé Amidala Pushes Objects/Enemies using a tractor beam Stella
R4-P17 Shoots small bolts of electricity Hal
Luke Skywalker Pilot Uses blue lightsaber Red

Pork Side Edit

Name Ability Portrayed by:
Emperor Palpatine Chain Lightning  King Pig
Darth Maul Twirls Double-Bladed Lightsaber Pig
Count Dooku Throws Sith Boomerang Lightsaber Foreman Pig
General Grievous Twirls Four Lightsabers Corporal Pig
Boba Fett Fires Two Missiles Pig
Jango Fett Fires a Missile Pig
Droideka Bounces around rapidly Droid Pig
TIE Fighter Pilot Fires Two Laser Beams in Two Lanes Pig
Zam Wesell Grappling Hook Female Pig
Battle Droid Shoots a orange laser thrice  Pig
Darth Vader Pulls objects near then launches them in all directions Pig
Biker Scout Flies speeder bike straight which explodes on contact Pig
Stormtrooper Shoots 5 lasers in random directions Pig
Shadowtrooper Same as Stormtrooper but fires faster lasers Pig
Shocktrooper Shoots 2 groups of three lasers Pig
Jabba the Hutt Strength, momentum, causing and earthquake after impact Fat Pig
Royal Crimson Guard Pulls blocks with a fork spear Pig
Tusken Raider Snipes objects and enemies with microscopic eyes Pig
The Inquisitor Uses Large Lightsaber King Pig
AT-DP Pilot Uses Lazer Pig
Cikatro Vizago Throws 3 grenades Pig
Vizago Droid Splits into 6 parts Droid Pig
Imperial Officer Wherever you tap, he shoots a bullet there (occurs 3 times) Corporal Pig
Agent Kallus Calls 8 stormtroopers Corporal Pig
Emperor Palpatine Hologram The same power as the normal but he can pass through objects/enemies King Pig
Battle Droid Red Shoots 3 orange lasers by angles Pig
Shadowtrooper Hologram The same power as the normal but he can pass through objects/enemies Pig
Kylo Ren Use his triple lightsaber Corporal Pig

Enemy Characters Edit

Name Character type (Bird, Pig) Portrayed by:
Naboo Royal Security Officer Red Bird Red (Colored White)
Jawa Bird New bird
Gungan Bird New bird
Qui-Gon Jinn (Enemy) Bird Matilda (Male)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Enemy) Bird Bomb
Mustafarian Bird New bird
Battle Droid Pig Pig
Tusken Raider Pig Pig
Sebulba Pig Pig
Nute Gunray Pig Pig
Rune Haako Pig Pig
Droid Starfighter Pig Pig
Zam Wesell (Enemy) Pig Female Pig
Super Battle Droids Pig Pig
Geonosian Pig Pig
Jango Fett (Enemy) Pig Pig
Homing Spider Droids Pig Foreman Pig
Count Dooku (Enemy) Pig Pig
Watto Pig Pig
Imperial Officer Pig Pig Pig
Stormtrooper Pig Pig Pig
Kanan Jarrus (Enemy) Bird Chuck
Tseebo Pig Pig Pig
Maketh Tua Bird New female bird
Naboo Royal Security Officer Yellow Bird Chuck (Colored white)
Naboo Royal Security Officer Captain Bird Red (Colored white)

Telepods Edit

See Angry Birds Star Wars/Telepods, the linked page is in creation progress