Angry Birds Super is a new Game Made By Rovio it was released 12-11-2012. It Has All Games, A Weekly Tournament, A Power-Up Shop, A Level Creator And Bird Coins


There Are Power-Ups For Each Game Where You Can Buy With Bird Coins.

The Power-UpsEdit

Angry Birds Classic/TournamentEdit

  1. Super Potion (Formally Super Seeds)
  2. Sling King
  3. Sling Scope
  4. Birdquake
  5. Homing Red
  6. Shockwave Bomb
  7. Wingman (Tournament Only)
  8. Mush-Bloom (Pig Tales Only)
  9. Mighty Eagle
  10. Bird Clone Egg (100% Game First)

Angry Birds SeasonsEdit

  1. Super Potion (Formally Super Seeds)
  2. Sling Scope
  3. Homing Bird
  4. Allaka-BAM
  5. Mighty Eagle/Mighty Dragon (Mighty Dragon In Year Of The Dragon Only)
  6. The Hunter (Halloween Episodes Only)
  7. Santa Bomb (Christmas Episodes Only)
  8. Bird Clone Egg (100% Game First)

Angry Birds RioEdit

  1. Super Potion (Formally Super Seeds)
  2. Samba Red Bird
  3. Sling Scope
  4. TNT Drop
  5. Mighty Eagle
  6. Rocket Bird
  7. Bird Clone Egg (100% Game First)

Angry Birds SpaceEdit

  1. Flock Of Birds
  2. Space Egg
  3. Pig Puffer
  4. Mighty Space Eagle
  5. Bird Clone Egg (100% Game First)

Angry Birds Star WarsEdit

  1. Thermal Detonator
  2. Lightsaber Sling
  3. Yoda
  4. Blaster Droid
  5. Mighty Falcon
  6. Bird Clone Egg (100% Game First)

Bad PiggiesEdit

  1. Super Glue
  2. Magnet
  3. Turbo Charges
  4. Super Mechanic Pig


Angry Birds ClassicEdit

  1. Mighty Eagle: Beat The Very Fist Level In Angry Birds Classic
  2. Homing Red Power-Up: Complete Red's Mighty Feather's (3 Stars,Total Destruction And Egg Defender Mode Not Required)
  3. Shockwave Bomb Power-Up: Complete Short Fuse (3 Stars And Total Destruction Not Required)
  4. Wingman In Normal Levels: Get One Of Each Trophy In The Tournaments
  5. Pigini Beach: Complete Surf And Turf (3 Stars And Total Destruction Not Required)
  6. Pig Tales Episode And Mush-Bloom Power-Up: Complete Surf And Turf (3 Stars And Total Destruction Not Required)
  7. King Pig Level: Complete Bad Piggies (3 Stars And Total Destruction Not Required)

Angry Birds SeasonsEdit

  1. The Hunter Power-Up: Complete The Very First Level Of Angry Birds Seasons (Trick Or Treat)
  2. Santa Bomb Power-Up: Complete The 25th Level In Seasons Greedings
  3. Mighty Dragon: Beat The Very First Level In Year Of The Dragon
  4. Sakura Ninja Outfits: Complete Cherry Blossom (3 Stars And Total Destruction Not Required Also Only Birds (Not Stella) And King Pig Were Outfits)

Angry Birds RioEdit

  1. Trophy Room: Find All Golden Fruit And 3 Star All Episodes
  2. Samba Red Bird: 100% Complete Fruit Market

Angry Birds SpaceEdit

  1. Skunk Bird Easter Egg: Pop 22 Pigs On The Title Screen In Angry Birds Space
  2. Mighty Space Eagle: Beat The Very First Level In Angry Birds Space
  3. Slash Bird Theme: 100% Total Destruction The Very First Level In The Game
  4. Space Egg In Normal Levels: 3 Star All Space Egg Levels

Angry Birds Star WarsEdit

  1. Mighty Falcon: Complete Levels 1-1 Through 1-20
  2. Bonus Episode: Find The First Golden Droid
  3. Yoda Power-Up: Complete Path Of The Jedi (3 Stars And Total Destruction Not Required)
  4. Path Of The Jedi: Complete The First 3 Episodes To Unlock (3 Stars And Total Destruction Not Required)
  5. Boba Fett Missions: Find All 5 Jet-packs In Angry Birds Star Wars

Bad Piggies (Game)Edit

  1. Bad Piggies Game Itself: Complete The Bad Piggies Episode (3 Stars And Total Destruction Not Required)
  2. Road Hogs: 100% Complete Ground Hogs Day
  3. Sandbox: 3 Star The Cave Levels In Ground Hogs Day Or Unlock Field Of Dreams
  4. Field Of Dreams: Find The Hidden Golden Skull In A Cave Level
  5. Little Pig Adventure: Find All 40 Stars In Field Of Dreams

Angry Birds Super (Other)Edit

  1. Toons TV.: Start Up The App For The First Time
  2. Level Creator: Beat Poached Eggs 1-1
  3. Weekly Tournament: Complete Poached Eggs (3 Stars And Total Destruction Not Required)
  4. Get All Level Creator Items/Tiles,Etc,: 100% Angry Birds Super
  5. King Pig Mode: Find All Golden Eggs,Eggstroids,Bonus Levels,Droids And Trophy Room Trophies In Angry Birds Super And Beat Them (3 Star For Eggstroids,Bonus Levels,Droids And Trophy Room Trophies)
  6. Bird Clone Egg Power-Up: 100% All Games (Not The Bad Piggies Game)
  7. Angry Birds Movie: Open up Toons TV.


The Episodes In Game

*Means it can't be accessed normally but exists in the game's code Edit

Angry BirdsEdit

  1. Poached Eggs
  2. Mighty Hoax
  3. Danger Above
  4. The Big Setup
  5. Ham 'Em High
  6. Mine And Dine
  7. Birdday Party
  8. Bad Piggies 
  9. Surf And Turf (Bonus Episode)
  10. Pigini Beach (Bonus Episode)
  11. Pig Tales (Unlockable)
  12. Red's Mighty Feathers
  13. Short Fuse
  14. Flock Favorites (Bonus Episode)
  15. Birdday 5
  16. Bird Island
  17. Piggy Farm
  18. Coming Soon
  19. Golden Eggs

Angry Birds SeasonsEdit

Season 1Edit
  1. Trick Or Treat (The Hunter Power-Up Usable)
  2. Seasons Greedings (Santa Bomb Power-Up Usable)
  3. Hogs And Kisses
  4. Go Green, Get Lucky
  5. Easter Eggs
  6. Summer Pignic
  7. Mooncake Festival
Season 2Edit
  1. Ham 'o' Ween (The Hunter Power-Up Usable)
  2. Wreck The Halls (Santa Bomb Power-Up Usable)
  3. Year Of The Dragon (The Mighty Dragon Usable Only Here)
  4. Cherry Blossom (Sakura Ninja Outfits Only Here)
  5. Piglantis
  6. Back To School
Season 3Edit
  1. Haunted Hogs (The Hunter Power-Up Usable)
  2. Winter Wonderham (Santa Bomb Power-Up Usable)
  3. Abra-Ca-Bacon
Season 4Edit
  1. Arctic Eggspedition (Santa Bomb Power-Up Usable)
  2. South HAMerica
  3. Ham Dunk
  4. On Finn Ice
Seasons 5 Edit
  1. Ham Dunk: All Star
  2. Tropigal Paradise
  3. Ham Dunk: The Finals
  4. Invasion of the Egg-Snatchers (The Hunter Power-Up Usable)
  5. Ski or Squeal (Santa Bomb Power-Up Usable)
Seasons 6 Edit
  1. Fairy Hogmother
  2. Marie Hamtionette
  3. Summer Camp
  4. Piggywood Studios
  5. Hammier Things (The Hunter Power-Up Usable)
  6. Ragnahog (Santa Bomb Power-Up Usable)
Seasons 7 Edit
  1. Trick Or Treat II (The Hunter Power-Up Usable)
  2. Coming Soon
  1. Pig Days
  2. Ultrabook Adventure (*Unimplemented)
  3. Power-up Test Site
  4. Pig Challenge

Angry Birds RioEdit

Rio 1Edit
  1. Smuggler's Den
  2. Jungle Escape
  3. Beach Volley
  4. Carnival Upheavel
  5. Airfield Chase
  6. Smuggler's Plane
  7. Fruit Market
  8. Golden Beachballs
  9. Trophy Room
Rio 2Edit
  1. Rocket Rumble
  2. High Dive
  3. Blossom River
  4. Timber Tumble
  5. Hidden Harbor (Bonus Episode)
  6. Coming Soon
  7. Playground

Angry Birds SpaceEdit

  1. Pig Bang
  2. Cold Cuts
  3. Fry Me To The Moon
  4. Utopia
  5. Red Planet
  6. Pig Dipper
  7. Cosmic Crystals
  8. Beak Impact
  9. Brass Hogs
  10. Solar System
  11. Mirror Worlds (Bonus Episode)
  12. Coming Soon
  13. Space Races (*Unimplemented)
  14. Danger Zone
  15. Eggsteroids

Angry Birds Star WarsEdit

  1. Tatooine
  2. Death Star
  3. Hoth
  4. Cloud City
  5. Moon Of Endor
  6. Death Star II
  7. Boba Fett Missions (Unlockable Bonus Episode)
  8. Path Of The Jedi (Unlockable Bonus Episode)
  9. Bonus

Other StuffEdit

  1. Weekly Tournament
  2. Level Creator

Bad Piggies GameEdit

  1. Ground Hog Day
  2. Rise And Swine
  3. When Pigs Fly
  4. Flight In The Night
  5. Tusk 'Til Dawn
  6. The Road to El Porkado
  7. Road Hogs
  8. Sandbox + Field Of Dreams + Little Pig Adventure
  9. Coming Soon

Angry Birds Star Wars 2Edit

  1. Reward Chapter (Bonus Episode)
  2. Master Your Destiny (Bonus Episode)
  3. Naboo Invansion
  4. Escape to Tatooine
  5. Battle of Naboo
  6. Rise of the Clones
  7. Revenge of the Pork
  8. Rebels (Bonus Episode)

Angry Birds 2Edit

  1. Feathery Hills
  2. New Pork City
  3. Eggchanted Woods
  4. Chirp Valley
  5. Shangham
  6. Greasy Swamp
  7. Greenerville
  8. Steakholm
  9. Misty Mire
  10. Pigsyland
  11. Snotting Hill
  12. Fluttering Heights
  13. Mount Evernest
  14. Ham Francisco
  15. Pig Bay
  16. Gravity Grove
  17. The Pig Apple
  18. The Hamalayas
  19. Coming Soon