Angry birds apartments is the sixth game in angry birds series.The story is that the pigs stole the eggs and hid it in apartments.The episodes selection screen is like a street and buildings are episodes.All the levels are in terrain and not space (except Dwarf Planet Pigto),but some levels dosen't have gravity. Each episode contains 75 levels. Teleporters debut from here. Instead of golden eggs, there are golden keys,golden locks,golden music boxes etc


Dusty Pigpartment-(1-1 to 1-75) Name comes from Dusty apartment.You must complete this episode to unlock more episodes.

Gotham Batpartmant-(2-1 to 2-75) Name comes from Gotham City. This place is gloomy and there are many bats flying around.

Hoggy Homes (3-1 to 3-75)- Name comes from foggy homes.This place is foggy.

Oinkwood Springs- (4-1 to 4-75)- Name comes from the sound pig make. This place is a pig farm where winds can blow the birds back to where you launch them.

Dwarf Planet Pigto-(5-1 to 5-75)-This chapter is the only chapter in space. None of the levels in this episode have gravity. It is REALLY cold here. That's why any waves & vibrations are turned into a burst of liquid nitrogen. Earthquakes are not liquid nitrogen.


Red Bird-First,It doesn't do anything. After an upgrade, it will send out an ear-busting sound that topples buildings.

Blue birds- First, they split to 3.After an upgrade, it will split into 5.

Yellow bird-First,It will speed up.After an upgrade, it will lock on target.

White Bird-First,It will drop an egg.After an upgrade, it will drop lots of eggs.

Black bird- As other games, black birds explodes.It is the only bird that dosen't have an upgrade

Big Red Bird-It dosen't do anything at first but stronger than red bird.After an upgrade,It will create powerful earthquakes.

Orange Bird- This bird will inflate while clicking. After an upgrade, It  will inflate even bigger.

Tornado bird- When clicked,the bird will go straight for a length.It will throw any object that comes in its way.After an upgrade,It will grow stronger,wider and can go a long length.

Green bird-First it spins like a boomerang.After an upgrade, It will spin even faster.

Ice bird-This is like the familiar ice bird from space.It makes an icy explosion. 

Teal birds-First, they split into 9. After an upgrade, it will split into 15.