Bad Piggies Transformers a game developed by Rovio and Hasbro.

Story Edit

King Pig built a truck for a ride, then he encountered the eggspark, and his vehicle started to transform, also some other vehicles transformerd into robots, then some eggbots froze most of the robots leaving only King Pig (As Optimus Prime) and Minion Pig (As Bumblebee) free, then the eggbots shot random things, making the things they shot mechanical, then they shot the eggbots, they free Starscream and transformed into vehicle mode

Bad Piggies Transformers


Rovio, Hasbro




Shoot'em up, side-scrolling


Android, iOS

Characters Edit

Name Gun Power Pig inside the armor Alternate name
Optimus Prime Shoots a laser King Pig Porkchoptimus Prime
Bumblebee Shoots a rocket Minion Pig PorkleBee
Starscream Shoots lasers fast Minion Pig Bacorscream
Octopunch Use a electronic shock Large Pig Octopork
Megatron Shoots a mini black hole King Pig Porkatron
Fortress Maximus Shoots Rockets fast Large Pig Porktress Maximus
Galvatron Shoots energy beam Corporal Pig Galvapork
Soundwave Shoots soundwave blasts Chef Pig PorkWave
Lockdown Shoots stronger lasers Foreman Pig LockPork
Shockwave Shoots energy beam King Pig ShockSwine