Fast yellow bird

Fastest Bird using his power

Fastest Bird is the Extremely fast yellow bird, who only has 2 uses per level. He is 18 times faster than Chuck.

Can Destroy Edit

  • 20 wood blocks
  • Destroy 60 glasses
  • Destroy 5 stones
  • Destroy 32 square glasses
  • Destroy 17 square wood
  • Destroy 3 square stones
  • Destroy 7 dry ice blocks
  • Destroy 16 small pigs, 10 medium pigs, 7 large pigs, 3 foreman pigs, & 1 king pig
  • Destroy 14 ice blocks

Super Angry Smash Birds Edit

File:Chuck (SASB).png

Fastest Bird returns in Super Angry Smash Birds, as Chuck's Final Smash. Chuck will gather the 18 speed emeralds. Her will then access the transformation. He will then strike with devastating, speedy blows. The emeralds will be thrown in a circle. The emeralds will deal 51.8% damage, if they hit opponents.