Hungry, Hungry Piggies is the 1st episode in Angry Birds Domino. The episode features the Purple Bird from the original YouTube video.

birds Edit

Red Edit

No abilities.

The Blues Edit

Splits into 3.

Chuck Edit

Gains a speed boost.

Matilda Edit

Shoots an exploding Egg Bomb.

Bomb Edit


Hal Edit

Comes back in the direction where he came from.

Terence Edit

No abilities, but packs a great punch.

Bubbles Edit


Purple Bird Edit

Bounces off the structure when he lands.

Teals Edit

Splits in 9.

Pigs Edit

Small Minion

Medium Minion

Large Minion

Corporal Pig

Foreman Pig

King Pig

Cutscences Edit

  1. It starts off with the birds looking at the nest and realising that the pigs have stolen the eggs yet again.
  2. The birds destroy one of the Minion Pigs (Large), but Foreman Pig still has them.
  3. The birds destroy Foreman Pig, but King Pig still has them.
  4. The birds destroy the castle, and all peace is restored once again.

The End.