Hungry pig


Hungry Pigs is a game the exact opposite of Angry Birds. The Birds are Pigs and the Pigs are Eggs.==

Loading Screen Edit

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The loading screen is same as the actual Angry birds game, but instead of red there are minion pig, jetpack bird instead of chuck, Corporal Pig Instead of Bomb, Minion Eggs instead of the minion pigs and no eggs on the loading screen (except for the minion eggs)

Birds Edit

There are Pigs instead of Birds

Name Bird Version Abilities
Minion Pig Red Does nothing but makes a battle cry: "Nyaaaaah!"
Small Pig The Blues Splits into three
Jetpack Pig Chuck Speeds up
Corporal Pig Bomb Explodes
Bowling Ball Pig Matilda Drops an exploding bowling ball
Boomerang Pig Hal Boomerangs back
Fat Pig Terence Does nothing but the same battle cry as Minion Pig, and have stronger strength to destroy most obstacles, even stone
Globe Pig/Balloon Pig Bubbles Inflates
Female Pig Stella Produces bubbles to lift eggs and obstacles
Ice Pig Ice Bird Explodes and freezes objects
Looping Pig Silver Loops downwards
Ice Fat Pig Tony Goes to ground destroying anything in his path
Female Minion Pig Female Red Bird Same as Minion Pig but faster and farther
Female Bowling Ball Pig Female White Bird Same as Bowling Ball Pig but faster and farther


There are Eggs instead of pigs

Name Pig Version
King Egg King Pig
Small Egg Small Pig
Minion Egg Minion Pig
Large Egg Large Pig
Corporal Egg Corporal Pig
Foreman Egg Foreman Pig

Gallery Edit