Mega Pig
General Info
Powers * Smashing through things, with really effective damage.
First Level Appearance: 4-6
Gender: Male
Species: Pig
Locations: Many
Strength: Strong-Extremely Strong
Size: Big-Gigantic

Mega Pig, aldo known as Fat Pig, Big Bork in The World of Angry Birds Official Guide and El Porkador in Angry Birds Toons combs the Universe looking for cosmic food to continually increase his size. He is massive with spots on him similar to the Big Brother Bird. Fat Pig is first seen incased in a large planet of ice in Cold Cuts. He then breaks free from the planet and moves to Utopia to satisfy his stomach.

His first official appearance in game is in level 4-10 (Utopia) as a regular character. He is smaller than he is in 2-20. He unofficially first appears in level S-4. Despite his extreme size, he is easily popped. On the Angry Birds Facebook Page, a picture shows that Fat Pig has grown more larger because of it eating more Utopian food. Another thing to note about Fat Pig is that he resembles the original/old designs of the Bad Piggies than the Angry Birds Google Chrome design.

Boss Strategy Edit

The Big Burp, which is the Fat Pig boss from the beginning cutscene, awaits the player on level 4-30, in which he is enormous and serves as a boss. Like its fellow pigs on Earth, the Big Burp is also unintelligent, as it eats everything in sight, allowing hazardous objects to easily harm it. The Big Burp is also one of the two bosses whose achievements are named after them, the other being Sub Pig.

The player must wait until the Big Burp rotates so that the desired hazards can enter its mouth. The player can either knock asteroids into its mouth, feed it burnt popcorn by hitting the popcorn generators, or even hit the Big Burp with the Birds themselves. However, only Bomb and Terence will do any noticeable damage. Continuously feed the Big Burp hazards until it coughs up an eggsteroid, which cannot be obtained.

In the ending cutscene for Utopia, it was revealed that the Big Burp had consumed the eggsteroid belonging to the Ice Bird. Coughing up the eggsteroid reduced his size to a mere Large Pig with spots.

The Big Burp is one the three bosses who have achievements named after the respective bosses, along with Handy Man and Sub Pig.

Angry Birds Toons Edit

File:El Porkador.png

He appears in El Porkador! in Angry Birds Toons. He reappears in Piggies from the Deep as a much smaller counterpart.

Angry Birds Friends Edit

He appears in the Wingman Tournament in Angry Birds Friends as El Porkador!.

bAngry Birds Classic Edit

He appears in the King Pig Golden Egg level, where he portrays Terence in one of the minigames.