Pig's Mighty Invasion is an episode of Angry Birds, It is a sequol to Red's Mighty Feathers, except this time you play as the Bad Piggies and you build crazy inventions to help the Pigs get the eggs and stop the birds.


1.1: The Piggies have spotted the eggs, where they set out to get what's theirs, the eggs. Freckled Pig takes up the job for piloting a vehicle.

1.20: Freckled Pig redeems an egg as he defeats Red Bird.

2.1: Mechanic Pig and Helmet Pig pounce on Bomb Bird as they claim the last 2 eggs


  • This mode is similar to the real Angry Birds game, Bad Piggies, except this time it's played in Angry Birds
  • In a sort, It's Red's Mighty Feathers, but vice-versa
  • King Pig makes a cameo in his unused Samurai Warlord form from Sakura Ninja, He is seen on TNT crates with green paint oozing on it while you build the vechicles


Pig: Is great with wood-made cars, Use Him

Helmet Pig: Handles airel and stone cars and planes. Please use wisely

Mechanic Pig: He helps you out with parts.

Red Bird: Serves as an enemy vehicle, You have to destroy his vehicle and redeem an egg

Bomb Bird: Same as red, except this time he has 2 eggs with him in his armored vehicle, You have to use Mechanic Pig and Helmet Pig to destroy his vehicle, as they are upgraded with null later.

Yellow Bird: Does not make a physical apperance, but is cameoed