Send in the Pigs was the first level of the Angry Birds Christmas Special game. You must destroy 51 pigs in this level, which is the most ever. Evil Big Brother Bird and Red Bird have a fight over Lavender Bird.


It all starts with the Angry Birds all coming to Red Bird's house for his birthday - which is also Christmas! There is snowmen everywhere, but some pigs invade the party, and they turn to snow-pigs - the most deadly pigs ever. Red Bird, Orange Bird and Matrix Bird all run out and see the pigs. Everyone else flies away to safety in Angry Birds Island. Orange Bird loads the catapult, but Evil Big Brother has captured Lavender Bird. 51 pigs, and E.B.B. Bird have her trapped in a cage, and they all pile up and hold her. Red Bird flies into E.B.B. Bird, and he falls back, knocking over all the pigs for you. Lavender Bird is now exactly between Red Bird and E.B.B. Bird, but they both run to grab her. They collide into each other, and whilst they fight Orange Bird and Matrix Bird save Lavender Bird. The pigs and E.B.B. Bird all run away, and Lavender Bird is safe with the others. In the end, Red Bird spends a love scene with Lavender Bird.


  • Lavender Bird makes her first appearance here.
  • Strangely, Matrix Bird appears different to usual here.
  • Red Bird, after this level, always blushes when he is beside Lavender Bird.
  • This level strangely didn't have anything to do with sending in pigs - as you just needed to hit Evil Big Brother Bird and you have won.
  • Your reward is 150 Angry Bird Fan Fiction points - yay!