tthe angry birds movie live adventure is a 2016 new ice show based off the 2016 film the angry birds movie


the show follows the same events as the film only with figure skaters skating around dressed as the different birds and pigs,a majority of the characters,are people dressed in costumes wearing ice skates,but the larger characters are different ,like mighty eagle is a massive puppet manipulated by 4 figure skaters,and terrence is a inflatable animatronic who can drive around the arena and he is able to movie his eyelids,and eyebrows and feet,the smaller characters like red,chuck,and bomb are ice skaters in costumes who,s costumes have been created with longer legs to free up space for acrobatic ice maneuvers like spins,graceful leaps and more,to bring alive some of the shows keen action scenes,effects like fire,smoke,and flashing lights,and disco lights,the shows curtain call ,features the song i will survive by demi lovato,and during thise time all the characters come ou on the ice skating and dancing the same as they do in the films end credits,and the movies mid credits scene is projected on a jumbo tron behind the ice with spotlights swerving and veering,around the audience,after the blues spit a part and massive sparkler blast erupts ,shortly after the song friends by blake Shelton can be heard,as the lights come back on.


the owner of imagine theatrical,loved the angry birds movie and wondered what it would be like if there was a live show so the idea became real,and shortly after all the characters from the speedy chuck,to the massive mighty eagle,began to come alive.


the list of things that can be purchased at the shows venue.

.a snow cone and souvenir cup shaped like red or leonards heads,

.a behind the scenes book all about the characters and creation of the show.

.a spinning glow sword with leonard and red fightingover the egg on top


.the birds are 'launched' from the slingshot by hopping into harnesses that pull them up into the air,

so far the show is only being performed in chandler az.the home of imagine theatrical

red chuck and bomb as they will

appear in the logo

Angry birds movie 2016-2048x2048