Sir Jjoeyxx

aka Jjoeyxx, Charming And Cool Penguin Dude!

  • I live in A Homely Accommodation Near Monsters University! (Northern Ireland in real life)
  • I was born on May 13
  • My occupation is playing with friends, looking after my puffles and rehearsing with my band!
  • I am Jjoeyxx, proud owner of Jackson, Hero, Barry, Yonkers, Franky, Smiley, Bronx, Knuckles, Razzmatazz, Tee, Bangles, Tallulah, Faith, Jelly and Sparkle!
  • Sir Jjoeyxx

    Im on Vacation!

    September 16, 2012 by Sir Jjoeyxx

    Hi, everyone!

    Sir Jjoeyxx, here. I only just joined Angry Birds Fan Fiction Wiki and started playing Angry Birds recently, so I dont know much yet but I will soon learn. I live at CP Island and I am currently on a weekly holiday (vacation for Americans) to Angry Birds Fan Fiction Wiki! I hope I enjoy my time here.

    - Sir Jjoeyxx 16:55 Jjoeyxx Summer Time

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